The Budtenders Club Community

We’re the free trade association online community for budtenders and dispensary employees.

Who Is Here?

Budtenders and Dispensary Employees Only

who want to network, learn, be heard in the cannabis community, and have fun. We are people committed to better careers, benefits, and opportunities in the cannabis community for ourselves and our patients/customers.

Benefits to Joining

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller
  • Professional networking. Network with others to enjoy camaraderie and enlarge one’s circle of opportunities, community, and professional acquaintances.
  • Learn industry and professional skills. Our Mentor Mondays bring industry experts sharing their knowledge about topics of relevance to you and your career. Our knowledge center provides resources useful in your job and your life.
  • Industry awareness. Acting together, budtenders have a voice in the cannabis industry, for themselves and their customers/patients. The industry gains a better understanding and places a greater importance on issues advocated by budtenders when we act in a unified fashion.
  • Fun and Entertainment. Live and online social events give budtenders and dispensary employees a chance to let loose and have fun. We host live in person parties in communities across the country that allow for fun and meaningful connections. Our online events bring budtenders together from all parts of the country for fun, connection, and excitement.

Our community is here to help you grow, have more opportunities, and to have fun.

What You’ll Find Inside

  • Mentor Monday. Catch industry experts as they provide career tips, and lead discussions and answer your questions.
  • Toasty Tuesday. Join us live online at 4:20pm Eastern time for TOKE and TALK time and meet other budtenders!
  • Welcome Wednesday. Introduce yourself if you are new and share where you are from and tell us what you are all about.
  • Bite Me Thursday. Share your favorite, real story of whacky, crazy, outlandish things you’ve seen or experienced since working in a dispensary!
  • Fire It Up Friday. Post your favorite photo of you, you and your friends, or you and your co-workers using cannabis and you could win prizes courtesy of Budtenders Club.
  • Community area full of networking with others and information.
  • A spotlight area of what’s happening in our community.
  • Tips and techniques for you to have more opportunities and a better career.

What Budtenders Say

“It felt like I was right where I needed to be. I liked how relaxed everyone was. Having the opportunity to meet other likeminded people who value education, information and growth along with a good time was phenomenal.”
Megan, Ohio
“Loved being able to be around a huge group of people who understand your daily frustrations in a cool environment being able to just smoke and be ourselves but also still learn some things and network.”
Arielle, Arizona
“Lots of Budtenders traveled in to network and it was a packed house! Refreshments were great and the vibe was perfect! Can’t wait to do it again!”
Chantez, Ohio

Ready to get started?

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Together, we go places, learn, and create in ways that aren't possible on our own. See you around the Community!